Who’s ready for summers? I see all hands raised in union. Great!! Well, I hope your fashion game falls in the same vibe to ensure the sun blesses you with rays of appreciation. I’m sure the sun is not the only thing that wants to stay hot this summer.


Kenzo Takada famously quoted “Fashion is like eating. You shouldn’t stick with the same menu”. I absolutely agree with that. The summer menu is all about that oozing appeal. You’re getting it?  

Well, I’ve got something exciting to tell you. Excited?

*Takes a sip of fresh lemonade*

Oh yeah! I’m all geared up now!

Fashion hacks to slay this summer

Keep it natural

The secret to summer clothing is all about keeping it natural. Include natural fabric in your wardrobe. Cotton, rayon, and linen are sure to keep your keep skin breathing.

Wear a light fabric and keep it cool!

The looser it is, the better it is

Are you a fan of tight clothing?

Your skin is surely not. In summers, you need to wear clothes that don’t stick to your body. Sticky clothing leads to sweat and I’m sure you don’t want that. A cami top with tapered pants will keep you cooler than a tight-fitting jeans or skin-tight tank top.

Ditch those padded bras

Boob sweat is a thing in summers. And, it’s damn clumsy. Inches of foam doesn’t allow your skin to breathe and it gets pretty heated up. Replace padded bras with a bralette and keep those curves happy.

Heavy makeup is a big NO!

You might have just bought that flashy eyeliner, but trust me, you need to save it for later. Summers are all about keeping it natural. Ditch your black eyeliner, dark shades of lipstick, heavy foundations, and shadows.  Instead, go for tinted moisturizers, nude shades, and natural balms

Wear a hat

Hop a hat and you’re in the bracket of trendy people acing that summer game. Scorching sun rays might not be something your face approves. So, treat it with some shade and keep those UV rays at bay.

Grab a ranch-style hat or wide-brimmed flora. They protect you against the sun and keep you cool-headed. If you’re not sure of which hat would be perfect, drop a visit to a trendy hat store. Explore and wear it up!

Light colors are better

If you’ve ever been to a science class, you’d surely know that black color absorbs more heat than lighter shades. I absolutely respect that.

*feeling sciencey*

Well, use that piece of information to your advantage. Flash that white top and reflect that heat out to the haters. Avoid dark colors and keep those light shades handy.

Trim that bush

I’m eco-friendly. I surely wouldn’t ask you to trim your garden. You’ve got a beard? Cool! Men with beards are a treat to the eyes. I gotta admit beards are hot. Well, not so hot in summers.  The sun is doing the honors.

Trim it up and wear that attractive stubble on your wake. Experiment with it and keep it chic this summer. One study points out that women do prefer men with a stubble beard.

So, brownie points if you’ve already got one!

Get a small handbag

The last thing you’ll want in summers is a big load hanging down your shoulders. Walking around with a heavy handbag sticking to your side is enough to channel that stinky sweat throughout your body.

Instead, grab a small bag or compact crossbody and hop down the streets in style.

Sexy bikinis are always IN

Beaches are synonymous with summers. Sunglasses with a hot bikini is what dreams are made of. Ooze that sensual appeal by flashing those curves in a sexy two-piece.

You can go for flowery prints teamed up with a cotton fabric and keep that hot yet cool summer vibe flowing for you.

Summers are not just about ice-creams. It’s the perfect time to get trendy. Step out in style and hack all the attention flowing towards you.

Cheers to a happy summer!

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