Who’s fond of cats? I’m sure many of you are. Cats are adorable. There is no doubt about that. The innocent purr is enough to drive you in good spirits. Personally, I do love the feline breed too. A tiger? Yes! An emotional support cat? Hell Yes!

Mental health issues are on the rise. Constant work pressure and other life challenges have induced a negative mind pattern. This leads to stress, depression, anxiety, and other related issues. If left unattended, it can permanently impair your life.

What do the stats say?

  • There are more than 46 million mental health patients in the US. 
  • The prevalent issues include anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety disorder, and phobias.
  • 46% of homeless adults live with serious mental illness.
  • Mental illnesses cost approximately $193.2 billion to the Americans. 

By now, you do know that it’s a serious issue. The treatment includes medications, psychotherapy, and counseling. These methods work but do not guarantee a cure. Well, there is a better cure. And yeah, you’ve guessed it right! I’m talking about emotional support animals.

Well, emotional support dogs are pretty common, cats make the cut too. In fact, they are an ideal choice.

Reasons to get an emotional support cat

Cats are affectionate

If you’re the type of person who craves cuddles, then cats are a perfect match for you. They are great cuddlers and will provide you with the warmth you need in life.

Just grab your ball of fur and give her some belly rubs while she relaxes on your lap. Adorable! Isn’t it?

Cats can fill the void of affection in your life and keep you in a good headspace.

Cats are ideal partners

You need a partner in crime? An emotional support cat is all you need. Team up with your feline friend and indulge in some fun. You can play games and go on walks together. Give her some attention and she’ll reciprocate in abundance.

Cats are peaceful

If you’ve ever had a dog, you do know that it needs to be trained. Also, dogs need a lot of physical activity too. Well, the math is different for cats. They are naturally calm and give you the mental peace you need.

It’s especially perfect for someone who avoids noisy surroundings. The characteristic soothing ‘Meow’ can keep you entertained while adding that extra dose of peace to your life

Need entertainment? Cats have got you covered

If you’re active on social media, you might be aware of the animal memes floating on your feed.  A huge chunk of these memes are based on cats. Reason? Because they are funny.

Including a cat in your life can keep you entertained. It’s a fact. Cats have that comic talent in them. They are playful, make weird funny faces and are sure to keep you off that TV remote.

Tips to select a good emotional support cat

1) Keep an eye on the breed

Every breed of cat is different. Some can be a bit aggressive but most of them are pretty docile in nature. If you’re an affectionate person who loves a bit of attention, there are some cats which are ideally suited for you. These include Scottish Fold, Rag Doll, and Tonkinese.

2) Say no to feral cats

Cats are definitely cute but when you’re looking for an ESA, a feral cat might not be the right fit. They are known to be wild and aggressive, which make them unfit for offering any form of emotional support.

So, when you’re selecting an emotional support animal, keep feral cats off your list. Instead, choose a friendly breed like Ragdoll, Siamese, or Birman.

3) Neuter or spay

Ideally, you shouldn’t choose a cat which has been unaltered. Neutered cats are better ESAS. Unaltered females have a tendency to breed and will try to escape to achieve that.

Similarly, intact males have a tendency to be aggressive which makes them unfit to be an ESA.

4) Buy your cat from a reputed breeder

One major benefit of buying a cat from a reputed breeder is that they are already socialized. Ideally, you should choose a kitten which can grow in your presence and develop that innate bond with you.

5) Choose an indoor only cat

Why? Because they tend to be more friendly towards humans. They don’t often get that call from the wild and are very-well domesticated. Also, if you decide to keep your cat indoors, it’s healthier for her. It can reduce the risk of diseases and injury.

Having an emotional support cat is an asset. It can keep you away from all the mental hassles and give you the peace you deserve. Cats are equipped with affection and warmth to fill your life with happiness. They offer a change you deserve in your life!

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