Heard about emotional support animals? I’m sure you have. They are quite a rage right now. Thanks to the prevalence of mental health issues. Well, it’s not entirely something to be thanked for but let’s face it—humans are suffering emotionally. So, need an emotional support animal? Get an ESA letter first!

There are multiple reasons I’m stressing on this thought.

It gives you the legal protection

Let’s imagine you’re suffering from an anxiety-related disorder. You have an adorable dog but still can’t claim that he is your emotional support dog.


Because you don’t have proof.

An emotional support animal letter serves as proof that you have the mental health condition which requires the presence of an animal to keep you in good spirits. It essentially certifies that you’re a mental health patient and you need an animal to support you.

It allows you to live with your pet without hassles

Congress passed the Fair Housing Act in 1988. This enabled disabled people to remain legally protected while renting a place for themselves. Also, it allows you to live with your ESA without any legal hassles.

If you have an ESA letter, the landlord cannot bar you from giving access to the flat or house of your choice. Having mentioned that, it should be noted that the landlord has the right to take actions if you happen to damage any property. So, keep a note of that while you’re living with your emotional support pet.

It lets you fly with your pet

So, planning to fly with your adorable dog? Well, if you to plan tocheck-inn without a valid ESA recommendation, then you might have to mend your plans. The Air Carrier Access Act allows mental health patients to travel with their emotional support animals.

Every airline has its own set of requirements, Just contact the company in advance and inform them about your status. This includes the details of your ESA and other important requisites. This keeps the airline prepared and they provide you with the solutions accordingly.

An ESA letter is your shortcut to therapy

Imagine living with your pet without any certifications? It’s a well-known fact that emotionally challenged people tend to be ridiculed for their existence. Without any valid proof that you’re mentally unstable, people can take things for granted and pose a challenge in your survival.

With an emotional support animal letter, you can present a proof that you’ve been recommended by a certified doctor to keep a pet for your survival. People tend to believe the paperwork more than verbal expressions. So, a recommendation letter is a good way to attract attention which does not present any challenge in your survival

Now, that you’re aware of the advantages, you might be wondering how to get a letter for yourself.

Getting an ESA letter is simple

1) Find a reputed mental health professional. Ideally, you can search for it online and check which doctor has positive reviews and ratings.

2) Contact the specialist and apply for an appointment. Thankfully, after the advent of telemedicine, you can submit your applications online and get started with the evaluation process.

3) If you choose an online clinic, the doctor interacts with you via video call. The aim of this process to ensure if you have the required mental condition which prompts the need for an animal in your life.

4) If the doctor thinks that an animal can provide you with the emotional support you need, you’re deemed eligible to own an ESA. Accordingly, your letter is furnished and delivered via email or physical mail.

So, getting an ESA letter is loaded with multiple advantages. Emotional health issues pose a challenge to normal survival. The concept of emotional support animals has presented a much-favorable picture for mental health patients. Now, they can live peacefully with minimum hassles. 

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