Dina had silently resigned. Not from her job but from the circumstances that deteriorated her strength day by day. Swollen knuckles and fingers, less wrist movement started to affect her resilient nature. She tried several medications but in vain. Until finally she found exactly what worked for her. A friend advised her to get a medical marijuana card  and to start using cannabis products, specifically CBD oil. A month later, to her surprise, she stood in front of the mirror and realized her knuckles no longer caused any pain. 

But what is CBD oil and how was it helpful in treating the Rheumatoid Arthritis that Dina had been suffering from. Let’s find out!

What is CBD oil?

CBD is a non-psychoactive element that naturally exists in the cannabis plant. This active compound is a pain reliever and can be used in multiple forms. This includes CBD oils, edibles, tinctures and transdermal patches. Our center of focus is CBD oil. The amount of cannabidiol in various components may vary depending upon the product. In addition to this, researches prove that it is helpful in reducing inflammation and pain. 

Treat your arthritis with CBD oil

Nearly 40 million people in America are suffering from Arthritis. It is indeed an alarming number, and perhaps the scenario will only worsen in the coming future. To begin with, predominantly there are two types of arthritis:

  1. Rheumatoid Arthritis: The immune system starts attacking the joints of the hands and feet, eventually leading to inflammation and pain.
  2. Osteoarthritist is a disease that usually affects the hip, knee and thumb joints. Subsequently, causing stiffness and swelling in the bones and joint cartilage. 

Research on animals and several medical marijuana card receivers has proved that it is helpful in treating pain caused due to inflammation. It is also interesting to know that cannabinoids attach themselves to the brain cell and immune system receptors. CB2 is one such receptor and plays a role in managing pain and inflammation at the same time. According to research,CBD modifies the CB2 receptors ability to bind with cannabinoids by occupying several enzymes. 

Let’s learn more about CBD oil and see how it works in tandem with the endocannabinoid system. This hemp extract reduces the efficiency of the body to absorb anandamide (a compound in our body naturally associated with pain regulation). This, in turn, increases the level of anandamide in the bloodstream. And this keeps our immune system away from unpleasant physical sensations. 

CBD and its types

There are different ways in which cannabinoids can be administered. And the good news is that CBD does not give a head high. Making it more suitable for consumption for people from all walks of life.Edibles, capsules, oils, tinctures and sprays are gaining a lot of popularity in the global cannabis market. New products like suppositories and transdermal patches provide patients with creative options for using CBD products. 

As discussed earlier CBD is present in several products but in different concentrates. So how will you get to know which cannabinoid is useful for you? We suggest that you do your own research first and then get a fine clinical suggestion for your type of arthritis. Having a medical marijuana card can help you get access to several CBD and THC products that work wonders for arthritis. If you wish to know more about CBD oil and its benefits leave your queries in the comment section below. 

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