Are you a cat person? If yes, this piece is specifically for you. Cats have that air of cuteness that you can’t help but adore. Well, I’m pretty fond of cats. They’re beautiful and unique. Want to know more? I’m sure these facts will catch you by surprise. Interesting facts about cats:

A cat’s meow is for humans

Yes, you heard that right! A cat’s meow is aimed at communicating with humans. Yeah we’re pretty special that they treat us with these adorable meows. Honestly, I don’t mind that. Cats don’t communicate with each other through the characteristic meow. However, everything is not so innocent about meowing. Scientists point to the fact that cats use their meows to manipulate humans. If you own a cat, you probably know that. Honestly, I don’t mind being manipulated. Do you?

Cats are great emotional support animals

The presence of cats is very relaxing. This quality is very beneficial for people with emotional and mental health issues. In fact, problems like depression and anxiety arise from the mental imbalance. So, you need a method of escape. Luckily, cats provide that. They are great stress busters. They have that comforting vibe about them which makes you feel relaxed.

Meows don’t have a sweet tooth

Cats don’t have the genes to taste sweet things. So, if you treat your cat with loads of cakes and chocolates, they probably won’t be interested. Don’t be surprised if your cat frowns away at your favorite dessert. It’s not for them.

Cats can heal themselves

Doctor anyone? Nah! Your cat can probably take care of itself pretty well. So, how do they do that? Through their purrs. Studies show that a cat’s purr has a frequency  between 25 & 150 Hz. Scientifically speaking, muscles and bones repair best at this frequency. I’m sure you know the reason why cats jump those heights—they’re not afraid. The repairing mechanism is too strong.

Cats have more bones than humans

How many do humans have? *206* Kudos! Right answer. Well, cats have more. The number clocks at 230. Cats have an extra set of bones on their spine and tail. This structure helps them move with ease and facilitate that back arch. It also adds an extra dimension of flexibility which gives them an extra edge. Also, cats don’t have a collar bone and instead, have a small chest cavity which allows them to sneak through small spaces.

Cats have nose pads; just like we have thumbprints

By now you would have guessed what I’m talking about. Every cat has a unique nose pad. So yeah, no two cats can have an identical one—just like thumbprints. Now, how is that useful? If someone ever steals your cat, you know what to look for.

Cats are fond of grooming

You probably know it already. One of the best things about cats is that they’re super clean. Studies show that cats spend a considerable amount of time in grooming themselves. This is important from the point of evolution and health. Also, cats use it as a way to regulate their body temperature, guard against predators, and facilitate better blood flow.

Cats love sleeping

Cats spend about 70% of their life sleeping. So, if you’re someone who wants a snuggle buddy, cats are ideal for it. Many people might claim that cats are lazy. It’s just that they’re resting. They’re demanding but I am sure they deserve that.

Milk is not good for cats

Yes! That’s true! I know you were not prepared for it but that’s the truth. Our minds are programmed to think that cats love milk. Well, it’s not entirely our fault. Cartoons, and movies have made that imagery in mind—Cats love milk!! Well, the fact is that cats are lactose intolerant and it’s not really good for them. So, if you have a pet cat, you should totally avoid the milk. It can cause some serious health issues and impact their survival.

Cats are non-confrontational

Yep! Cats don’t love fights. The only time they’ll be willing to fight for their territory. In general, it’s pretty tough to trigger them for fights. In fact, cats never really want to fight. They want to avoid it at all costs. Contrary to popular belief, cats don’t really fight for dominance. All they want is peace. 

All hail the lefties

Are you a left handed or right handed person? Well, most humans tend to be righties. This is not true for cats. They are lefties. Studies show that most cats have their left paws dominant. How many of you knew that already?It’s not just limited to that. Scientists mention that there is a difference between males and females too. Male cats tend to left handed while female cats are mostly right handed. The primary reason behind this behavior can be attributed to the hormones. 

Usain Bolt you still need to speed up

Cats can run fast. Yeah, pretty fast!! Typically, cats run at least 3mph faster than Usain Bolt. Yeah, our fastest lad ever is still no match for cats. An average athlete can run at a speed of 22mph. Also, well-trained athletes can touch 27 mph. Well, that’s still behind the average speed of your domestic cat. They can run at an average speed of 30 kph. Well, that is quite a difference. And, let’s not include cheetah in this discussion. They can clock 60 mph quite easily. 

Kindle, anyone?

Well, I’m not inviting you to read a book. I’m just talking about cats. Kindle might be an e-reader but it’s also the name given to a group of kittens born to a same mommy cat. Well, what about full-grown cats? This one is called a clowder.

Need a massage? Cats are listening

Ever wondered why cats love giving you those paw rubs? Scientists have several possible explanations to this. The cats might possibly be marking their territory using the scent in their paws. Well, in this case the territory we’re talking about is you. I’m sure you don’t mind that. 

Most famous cat breed in the US?

Any guesses? Well, the most popular one is Exotic. It’s pretty similar to the Persian cat. In other words, it’s just a flat face version of it.  In fact, the exotic is short haired and matches the temperament of a Persian cat. 

The cat stationmaster

Yeah, you heard that right! There is a train station in Japan which has a cat as its stationmaster. It goes by the name Nitama and presides at Kishi station. Adorable isn’t it?This station has a record of keeping feline mascots. Before Kishi, there was a mascot named Tama which died due to heart failure. So, to replace Tama, Kishi was roped in.

Black cats ain’t about bad luck 

While black cats are termed as bad luck in the US, they’re pretty auspicious in Britain and Japan. In the UK, black cats are gifted to the brides as a hallmark of good luck. They are meant to bless their marriage. Similarly, in Japan, black cats are regarded as lucky for single ladies. 

There are more pet cats than dogs

Well, the numbers don’t lie. There are more than 85 million pet cats in the US. Now, talking about dogs, the number rests around 78 million. Well, that’s quite a difference. There’s often a war between cat and dog lovers. Honestly, I love both. Animals, in general, are pretty adorable. 

Cats are high jumpers

How high can you jump? The kittens are surely high jumpers. They can jump up to 5-6 times their length. Can you do that? Nah! I don’t want you to break your bones. Stunts are strictly limited to experts and in this case, it’s the cat. They make it look so easy. 

Egyptians worshiped cats

Cats were quite a revered species for the Egyptians. They even had a half-feline goddess for worship. The Egyptians named it Bastet and was quite an influential part of their history. There’s no way people could harm the cats. If caught, they had to face harsh punishments. 

So, how many of you knew these facts already? Cats are one of the most vibrant species on the planet. For humans, they surely make great partners. That’s why a lot of people with mental health issues are turning to cats for emotional support using an ESA letter. What do you think?

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