Being an introvert, you can live alone. But, your emotional support dog partner is not used to the way. And we appreciate that you understand their needs and take them out often. But, in fear of losing them, are you not giving them complete freedom? I mean, you don’t forget to take your dog off-leash, sometimes, right? If yes, congratulations on your bold move, but if your answer is no, then your ways need some alterations to deal with a pooch. We know your concerns; every dog owner has the same worries. Precisely, what will you do if your dog won’t come back? Or your pup met some accident? 

There should be no what and if in the dictionary of a dog parent. Your dog loves you selflessly, then why you’re failing in doing so? Setting dogs off-leash has its own benefits. The first advantage is about providing them with self-fulfillment. Off-leash they can enjoy playing the way they like. Moreover, they can develop confidence and communication techniques by exploring more. Apart from this, canines are full of energy, and they need some time to channelize it in the right direction. But at the same place, we also understand your safety concerns for your pooch. So, we have some tips for you to take your dog off-leash. 

Build Good Habits 

The first and foremost step you can take to avoid off-leash hurdles is by establishing good behaviors in your pup. Before you go off-leash, ensure yourself that your dog is just a call away from you. And it is only possible with the help of consistent routine and training. To take up the challenge, find a place at home and sit down with a treat in your hand. Focus on encouraging your pet, reaching you. As soon as he touches you, reward him with his favorite toy, or treat. Repeat the process until it becomes his habit. Also, it is necessary to make them realize why they are getting an award. Use markers for every positive response, and don’t forget to praise them every time. And if they don’t follow you, punishing them will not change the situation. So, calm down, relax, and start everything again.

Buy a Long Leash

This idea is for those dog parents who are not ready to leave their canines free. Or in the beginning, to leave your emotional support dog off-leash for some time, it’s a great idea to invest in a long leash. Yes, it is the only way by which you can give your dog off-leash feel. And at the same time, you don’t lose control over him. When you visit public places, keep this in mind that a long leash might cause problems for your dog. So being aware of the other dogs is the key to protect your own pooch. 

Let Him Practice in The Public Park

Dogs are social beings. They adore humans, and that’s why many people call them the most faithful companion of a man. What you have to do is just take them out in a fenced public park and set them free. Before letting him enjoy the wildness, gather as many treats as you can. You can also play fetch with him. Throw the ball, and as soon your fluff buddy takes it to you, reward him with a treat. You can also take a different route for it. During the practice session, take along your friend and his dog, who is a pro when left off-leash. By following a co-companion, your dog learns better. 

Have Patience

What your dog learns regularly is entirely on you. And when it is about giving off-leash dog training, your patience is the key to your success. For instance, if your dog gets distracted with something, you shouldn’t be angry. You can always keep calm and handle the situation well. You can think about it yourself that will anybody like to come to you if you scream. It is like love vs. anger. So, win the situation with your peace of mind. Instead of scolding your four-legged baby, give him extra incentives in the form of treats. And you cannot outrun your dog, so instead of chasing him, provide him with some space. Give time to yourself and him. Soon, you’ll see the progress. Also, don’t let him understand your mood, whether you’re worried or scared. Praise him every time for his come back. 

Update Your Dog’s Identity

The up-to-date information is necessary to avoid the dangers of losing your pet. During training, if your dog gets out of your reach, updated ID tags help the officers to locate your canine. Additionally, you must be having the latest photographs of your dog. Before even you think of getting off-leash, take some clicks. Photos play a significant role in reuniting you both. 


With training and commitment, taking your dog off-leash is probable. Be it your pet dog or cat, you need to train them well. The beauty of the whole process is that you both get to learn about each other a lot. You get to know about your pet’s distractions, strengths, and weaknesses. And this way, you also build a connection of trust with your dog. So, yes, taking dogs off-leash is a possibility. And it’s safe too.

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