Thousands of pictures are captured everyday. Thanks to mobile phone cameras this technology upgrades every quarter. But, do we actually cherish all of them? I hardly doubt that. It’s more like sorting and taking more clicks into the trash zone every time you try to find a decent picture. But, having a camera is altogether a different experience. It’s like capturing your candid moments and making them valuable afterwards. Either by framing or simply using them as a wallpaper. But, portraits are completely different genres. You must have the right skills and knowledge to take your photography to another level. Here are some photography tips to make your pictures shine out this holiday season.

Backgrounds Are Important

Of course we want to make sure the person in focus gets all the attention. But, that does not mean you can do it absolutely anywhere. Backgrounds play a critical role in making any photograph unique. It can be flowers or a big field even. So, you must take backgrounds seriously. And decide whether a certain place will be good for your picture or not. You can go for blurred background settings to help reflect your subject more strongly. If your camera’s lens is not well equipped to open as wide as you would like. You can bring your subject a bit forward to enhance the blur.

Keep a Check on The Eyes

Some focus on the eyes can bring out the best of any portrait picture. It’s like giving your audience a soul to connect to. The same concept works for the pictures where eyes are closed. For instance, they might emote different feelings such as shyness or thoughtful. While clicking a picture, make sure that the eyes are pinpoint sharp when they are looking straight into the lens.  You can go for single AF focus point and select the spot manually.

Be at The Right Position at The Right Moment

Isn’t that the rule for taking incredible pictures? This is why candid photography shots have their own aura. It’s an informal approach and is quite often complimented for its creativity. Using a 35-50 mm lens will be a good choice as that type imitates exactly how a normal eye would see the world. So, you will not have to adapt and can decide the shots pretty quickly. Right snaps at the right moment. Bang on!!

Keep the Settings Right

If you don’t want to ruin your captured moments, going for Auto ISO and manual exposure camera settings. Camera settings decide the fate of any portrait pictures. To click a great picture, here is what you need to do. For starters go with the aperture settings and decide how much you need to focus. If you want a close short, go for f/5.6 would be good to start with. Going for f/1.8 can blur most of the facial features.  If you want to for a wider angle short, f/2.8 will be a good point to start. 

Once you are done with that, go for shutter speed and ISO. If you don’t want to blur your subject, a shutter speed of 1/200 sec will work for you.  You can also go for 1/500 sec to shoot fast moving subjects such as dogs who are good at protecting or children enjoying their play time. Set your ISO to the auto mode. This will help you click an amazing picture without fail.

Lens Holds The Key

The type of lens decide the feel of your photograph. Going for 70-200 mm lens helps click good portraits as they give flattering pictures. With these lens you get an added advantage of blurring out the background as well. If you wish to go for environmental portraits, choose a wide angle lens of around 15-35mm. Keep your subject in the middle and never close up on the face. Or might get a distorted picture.

Light Makes Your Pictures Shine

You don’t need all that expensive gear to click professional photographs. So setting up a photo booth is almost never necessary when clicking portraits. Work under natural light as it free and abundantly available. You can also go for grey cloudy days. As clouds work like a diffuser panel. But, it’s a good idea to avoid midday photo shoots as your photos are likely to get overexposed due to the harsh sunlight.

Key Takeaways

Remember taking a portrait is all about the subject in focus. Your technical skills may need some adjustments for smart thinking. It’s probably a good idea to start rehearsing before the holidays begin. Holidays will come and go. Remember even if something goes wrong you can always look forward for the next holiday to hone your skills. Patience is definitely the key to clicking impeccable pictures. Once you have all the pictures, sort them out and edit to make them flawless. So get ready to keep clicking these holidays.

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