Contesting an election? Why don’t you hire a photographer to manage your campaign?

You think, I’m joking, right?

Well, I’m here to change this very perspective of yours.

During my time as a photographer, traveling around the world, I’ve learned a lot of new things, not only about photography but also about being a photographer. I realized that what I do is not just a job but also an art. And this art requires skills. The skill to see the world from a different perspective. The vision to catch the details. And the power to identify opportunities and grab them on time.

Well, I think, these few basic qualities a good photographer just develops with time without even trying. And these qualities can be very helpful while drawing the best campaign plan for your upcoming elections. But in addition to these, there are some other characteristics too of a photographer that can help them help you win the elections.

Let’s take a brief look at them.

Photographers are Very Competitive

I bet you have never met a photographer who doesn’t claim to be the best, right? Every single photographer out there thinks that he’s better than everyone else. And that’s the level of competitiveness you need for your election campaign.

I recently visited the city of Irvine recently for a project and saw how fiercely everyone is preparing for the next Irvine City Council elections. I understood that competition is the root of politics. And if you are not a part of the root, there’s always a chance of someone cutting you down.

Having said that, I think the competitive spirit in photographers suits very well to an election campaign planning process.

We Understand the Value of Image

Whether it be on a glossy paper, or in the minds and hearts of people, we know that image is everything. But let’s stick to the paper part right now.

One of the main traits of a good photographer is the ability to see an image for what it is. They understand the story behind it. And they know how they can rewrite this story for others. A photographer knows that each part of the image has a significance. From colors to clothes to posture to the background, everything has a motive. And they all combine together to form a person’s image in people’s minds.

This particular characteristic of a photographer can be very useful during elections campaigning.

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Photographer Know The Art of Making Appealing Websites

Building a website using WordPress is very easy. In fact, anyone can do it. But when I was going through a bunch of political campaigning websites, despite being from competing candidates, one thing was common- they were not at all appealing. Most of them were very difficult to navigate. And many contained only text with just a few pictures.

stay calm and work hard

I don’t know why, but many political leaders think that people want to listen to what they are saying. But in reality, it’s the opposite. People instead prefer seeing you doing something valuable. And for that, your website needs to be filled with as many pictures as possible, and in a proper format so that they are easy to navigate. Also, the pictures should be of high quality, not something clicked with your phone.

Additionally, when a photographer feels something missing on the website, they can always go out and click something. And this, you probably can’t do it on your own.

Most Photographers Can Write Good Content

Most photographers that I’ve met have had at least one blog that they were managing. And writing on a frequent basis helps you learn the art of generating engaging content.

On the other hand, most politicians, as much as I know, do not write regularly. Yes, they may be very educated and informed. But when you read what they write, often it feels very bookish and contains a lot of jargon. It’s like watching an intellectual series on Netflix. No doubt, it is interesting, but sometimes, you need to watch a scene twice to understand it. And if your writing is like this, it won’t probably work on the web.

When writing good content, you need to think of your readers. The copy should be engaging and easy to read. You must not use any superfluous words. Plus, the flow should be natural. And that’s an art a photographer has if he writes a blog or something.

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We Understand Marketing and Its Struggles

If we just think about it, an election campaign is nothing but a different version of a marketing campaign. And as photographers, we understand the process inside out. 

Generally speaking, contacting corporate people for election support is just like us contacting art directors for photography projects. And talking to potential voters and connecting with them is also quite similar to understanding a new subject while photoshoots.

In the end, we have social media. Though, in the current scenario, social media is very controlled and doesn’t have a major impact on votes. Still, no one probably understands social media better than a photographer.

So, what do you think of my observations above? Do let me know in the comment section.