Isn’t it a struggle to plan a birthday party when you have to do it for yourself? Where to go, who to invite, what to do, all these questions eventually lead to “why do we even have to party?” Well, because we all love to party and birthdays are still special to us. No matter how much we choose to live in denial and say “we aren’t kids anymore” to celebrate birthdays, we all know we want that little attention. 

I have read some blogs on how to celebrate birthdays as adults and I honestly found them boring like, come on! We aren’t senior citizens who would just sit for a cup of tea and talk or play cards, party means fun, right? So I have tried my hand in combining fun ideas and plans for your next birthday. Let’s see which one intrigues you the most.

A Short Trip

We all love traveling, don’t we? And what would be the best reason to take a day off and get out to a place where you can just chill and relax with your favorite people? Nothing fancy, you don’t even have to pay for the whole trip, please! Plan a random trip on your birthday and ask everyone to pool in. you’ll just have to pay a little extra for the food and drinks because, well it’s YOUR Birthday, throw a party man!

Movie Night

What is better than watching your favorite movie with your favorite people and having your favorite pizza? NOTHING. Pick a movie or TV series that you have all loved watching, it can be any genre, if you really want me to tell you, I’d suggest horror or thriller. Dim lights, a large pepperoni pizza slice in one hand and beer bottle in the other, and the most horror movie on screen, if you imagine this and want it to be your reality, there’s no better day than your B-Day.

Smoke and Chill

Why do we even need a fancy celebration when we can all just sit together and smoke to feel relaxed? All your friends, light party music in the background and good quality weed. If you are not really a weed or nicotine person, you should try Delta 8 THC Flower and roll your own cig! Trust me it’s amazing.

Wine Tasting

Some of us really like the idea of fancy parties and celebrations and what can be more classier and fancier than wine? Champaign, but save it for your wedding day. We’ll stick to wine tasting for your birthday. In a fancy, uptight restaurant, with your friends all dressed up and you looking the most attractive, taking all the attention from  your people and other customers around, sitting at a decently decorated table, tasting the best wine you can possibly think of. Please tell me you are also thinking of ordering pasta.

A Huge Dinner

Please tell me you also love the idea of having all your favorite dishes and street food altogether. Like, just order everything you want, pizza, pasta, salads, nachos, all sorts of meat, but not from a fancy restaurant, from the local street joints that are famous for their special touch and flavors. Order everything and invite your friends who love street food as much as you and have a feast without even getting a hole in your pocket.

Not sure about you but I’m actually going to use these ideas for my birthday and I’m all sorted for 5 years. I’ll be honoured if any of these get your attention and appreciation.