Maybe it’s the winter season. Or maybe you need to take care of your baby brother at home. It can be anything. But ultimately, you are stuck at home with nothing to do with your camera. The struggle is real. Finding something great to shoot indoors is really difficult. Or is it?

Well, it might actually be a very good opportunity to do something interesting. Yes, I’m serious. It may seem like you have just the limited options to take your creative side out. But it’s not actually true. You just need the imagination, a good set up ( call emergency plumber in Edgbaston to help with any water related issues), and everything will be possible.

Don’t believe me? Here are the five amazing ideas you can put to action when you and your camera don’t have anything else to do.

Capture Cutlery

Capture Cutlery

Your kitchen is like an ocean of amazing things that you can shoot. Spoons, Forks, knives, anything can be made interesting if you have a perspective interesting enough to make them so. 

When it comes to cutlery photography, experimentation is the key. You can arrange things in many different ways and then try capturing them from different angles. A natural light source can do just fine. However, you may also try flash or any other artificial light. Try capturing as many things as possible. I’m sure you’ll find something to be proud of.

Try Something With a Macro Lens

Try looking at things at a macro level. You’ll find a lot of interesting textures, shapes, and patterns that you have no idea about. Glasses, Cushions, photo frames, anything can do the magic.

If you don’t have a macro lens, you may try using the minimum focus distance of the lens. Using a tripod is very important to avoid camera shakes, and to ensure accurate focus while capturing macro photographs. A remote release will also help a lot with this.

To maximize the depth-of-field, you should set the aperture as small as possible. Because at larger apertures, a part of your subject may go out-of-focus. 

Capture Water Droplets on your Window

Capture Water Droplets on your Window

Small rain droplets on your door or window can be a great opportunity to capture some amazing stills. Don’t worry, you are not gonna get wet. When the drops hit the pane, they create some fascinating patterns. With the help of a close-up lens, you can fill your reel with some very interesting shapes and textures. You can make this even more interesting if you have a macro lens. 

Try shooting from an angle so that a wall or some greenery is in the background. As the droplets take on the colors and patterns from behind, things can become much more fascinating.

Shoot some Frozen Items

You can make anything interesting. This is also one of those.

Freeze some water in a clear container. Once done, place that container onto a lightbox in the way that the light shines through the bottom. If you don’t have a lightbox, you may try it with any other source of light too. And if nothing works, just try and be creative with whatever you have. 

With a 50mm macro lens on the camera and a tripod, you can capture amazing patterns forming inside the container. And if you are still not satisfied, try pouring some hot water over the ice. As the ice will crack, you’ll find many great textures and shapes to capture.

You may also experiment with freezing some objects, such as leaves, pebbles, shells, etc. in the container. You’ll find many interesting captures to add to your collection.

Mix Oil and Water

Mix Oil and Water

Try mixing oil and water in a clear glass dish. As you know these two can’t mix, when you pour some oil in water and shake it properly, it forms many small bubbles just floating around in the water. You’ll need a camera with the ability to close focus, a tripod, source of light, something to add some color to your abstract (a t-shirt, a card or any colorful paper), and something to hold the glass dish on (two cardboard boxes will do).

Place the dish at some height, balanced between the two cardboard boxes. Place the light source below the glass dish. And over this, place the thing you chose to add some color. Now stir the liquid to make the oil bubbles move. And then capture the different textures that are being formed by the oil bubbles, from above.

I hope you found some great ideas to make your boring indoor time interesting. Do try these and let us know, in the comment section, how successful you were.