An Ultimate Guide to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

To love and to live, you need a heart, indeed!

Don’t let anything ruin it or take it from you. The one significant danger to your heart is bad cholesterol. And, if you are still in the dark, then it can increase the risk of heart attacks and diseases. Getting rid of the bad cholesterol is more manageable with medications.

But, medicines are not long-lasting solutions to this problem. Yet, some changes in your lifestyle can do wonders. Yes, cholesterol is not a god gift but surely the result of your bad habits. Hopefully, there are some natural ways to reduce this danger. Let’s read together to know how we all can make our love organ smile.

Quit Smoking

Passive smoking is harmful to your lungs and heart both. And, if you are still in a dilemma to quit it, then you are really at risk. The day you say no to cigarettes, your heart rate and blood pressure get better. After ninety days, your heart and lung functions begin to improve.

Being a smoker, there’s always a probability of cardiovascular diseases. But, by saying a big ‘NO’ to tobacco, you cut the heart threat to half, within a year.

Eventually, with the right flow of blood, your good cholesterol finds its way.

Start Your Day With Fruits And OatmealĀ 

To up your health game, say yes to fruits and oats. Probably, this is a heart call to tell you start healthy. And, answering it with the healthiest breakfast can make your heart delightful.

Oats are rich in soluble fibers and beta-glucan. These two work together and control the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

On the other hand, fruits like kiwi, walnuts, bananas, apple deal with the insufficiency of nutrients to make your body more active. 

So, the pair together give a kick-start to your day.

Make Some Time For Physical Activities

Exercise is the key to a healthy heart and body. The harmful LDL cholesterol increases in the blood due to less physical activity. In short, daily workout and cardio can improve cholesterol. And of course, it increases the high-density lipoprotein(good cholesterol) in your body.

Adding 30 minutes of physical activity in your daily schedule is good. Not only for your cholesterol but overall well-being. If you are unable to give the time in one go, divide it into small segments. To stay motivated, you can find a workout buddy too. That helps a lot.

Coming Back to The Cholesterol, What it Looks Like?

It’s a fatty substance which is present in your blood. Not limited to this only, but it also makes you obese. And most of the fat it carries is visible around your stomach area. 

With your health, you lose your looks too.

In common, it sticks to your arteries and makes them narrow. Resultantly, it increases the threat of cardiovascular diseases.

So, run, walk, swim, or do whatever you can. Just make your body active and working.

De-Stress Yourself

Stress is of many types. But none is useful for sure. Releasing your tension is essential to get your cholesterol levels on track.

One natural way to De-Stress yourself is yoga. Practicing art helps you control your senses and breath. As a result, you feel relaxed and satisfied due to a stable hormonal balance.

Another way to relieve yourself of stress is dancing. Play your favorite song, start to move, groove or shake, keep swaying. This one is tried and tested by me, and I swear it does magic. 

On a serious note, cholesterol cannot only be dealt with changing your food. You must cater to your overall well-being, be it mental, physical, or psychological.

No Cheese But Cheers!

Drinking in moderation is useful to control your LDL and boost your HDL. As per studies, a glass of wine every day can improve the working of your love organ.

In contrast, cheese is terrible for your good cholesterol. So, try avoiding it and instead better to say cheers on alternative days.

It also helps in reducing weight. Somehow, with extra pounds, you are already at risk of heart problems. So, wine and a glass of beer in subsequent days can be fruitful.

For instance, red wine is rich in saponins, a compound which reduces cholesterol quickly. 

However, excess of everything is bad. Avoid consuming too much alcohol. Or otherwise, be ready for the anti-results.

Take Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fatness is one of the primary reasons for high cholesterol. Intake of omega-3 rich fatty acids can help you control and reduce it.

Fish is the source of it. Omega-3 helps your body to fight inflammation, decrease bad cholesterol, and increase the good one. 

Apart from this, flax seeds are also enriched with omega acids. You can combine fish and flax seeds to get quick results.

Green Tea

A boost to your immunity, green tea hits your LDL. By reducing the level of your bad cholesterol, this drink prevents you from many heart maladies.

You can drink it twice to manage your cholesterol. The best thing is that it does not demand a lot of effort. Just take a tea bag, dip it in hot water, and the tea is ready to drink. 

Remember it reduces LDL and has no effect on HDL. It means that to make the drink work effective, pair it up with physical activities.

Thumbs-up to Whey Protein

Trans fats are bad, whereas whey proteins are good for balancing your cholesterol. The best thing is you don’t have to sacrifice the taste by adding whey proteins.

Dairy products are enriched with whey enzymes. Studies claim that milk helps in lowering LDL levels as well as blood pressure. 

Additionally, muscle mass decreases with age. And, this reduction usually escalates the risk of heart diseases and weight gain. Dairy supplements are the right measures to maintain stability in your total cholesterol.

Big Yes to Avocados

Avocado is all magical for your body. It contains oleic acids which directly triggers the lousy cholesterol. 

The choice is entirely yours. You want to eat the fruit, eat it. Or use it as an ingredient in your kitchen. For example, avocado oil is there to make you go complete cholesterol-free.

Foods Which Increase Cholesterol:

Pork: American heart association claims that processed pork increases the risk of heart failure. Switching it with white meat can help you fix the problem.

Fatty Beef: It is consumed as a source of proteins. Unfortunately, it is also a source of fats which elevate the peril of increased cholesterol. So, it means just by saying bye to beef; you can prevent yourself from the roots of cholesterol.

Cakes/Donuts/Pastries: In all three products, LDL levels are high. Fats are high too. So, rest, you are intelligent that why you have to avoid them.

Potato chips: A typical but most like snack has a lot of calories. More weight, more cholesterol, more danger to your life.

Commercially fried foods: Processed and street fries are always rich in oil. And if you will not protect yourself from these, who else does even care?

Buttered popcorn: Movies and popcorn both are your favorite. But, avoid eating buttered popcorn.

To conclude, bad cholesterol is unsafe to your heart health. This is not just about living, but living healthily. It makes the path for other ailments easy. So, to get rid of it, fill yourself with good cholesterol by making small changes in your daily lifestyle. I hope these ways will help.

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